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Crafton Family History

"In as much as I am interested to have an account of my ancestors back three hundred years, I take it for granted that my children and grand-children will like the same facts a hundred years from to date.                                                                               -Eugene Calhoun Crafton, Sr. 1951.

Early Crafton History:

Between 1630- 1650 thousands of families immigrated from England and Ireland to Plymouth Mass and the Virginia Colonies.

1636 Peter Ware, Sr. sold his Muster Leases in County Cork , Ireland and immigrates to the British Colony of New England.
1646-1648 records show Peter Ware Attorney York County, Hampton Parish. 
Peter Ware, Sr. owned and lived on 300 acres at Queen's Creek, York Co., Hampton Parish, in the Virginia Colony by 4 Sep 1646

Son Nicholoas Ware I, b 1636 County Cork Ireland d. bet. 1691 - 1704  K&C Co. Va
Son Nicholas Ware, II b 1658 - d 1713 K&C Co, VA
Son Nicholas Ware III b 1680  K&Q Co. Va d  1744
Son Nicholas Ware IV b 1700 K&Q Co. Va d. 1771 
NOTE: 1787 New Kent County Courthouse was burned down destroying records.
Son Henry Ware, Sr. b 1726 St. Mary's Parish, Caroline Co. Va. d. 11/01/1801  Lincoln Co. GA.  Wife Martha Garrett .  Sometime shortly after 1771 moved to South Carolina Piedmont area later called Edgefield SC.

Son Capt. Robert Ware, b 1750 Caroline Co. Va d. 11/4/1821 Edgefield SC  A Captian in the Colonial Wars in Spotsville County VA in 1775.  one of the officers to serve Commander-in-Chief George Washington's staff and a member of the Society of Cincinnati.  Took part in the Williamsburg and Virginia Campaign... He was wounded three times.
"Capt. Ware was a large landowner and the family lived in an elegant house near Woodlawn (In Edgefield) on high ground.  All was destroyed by fire and the land became the property of Robert Meriwether...  The areas along the Savannah Riverfront know as "Woodlawn" and "Meriwether" were settled by families chiefly from Maryland and Virginia.  THese families were named Ware, Meriwether, McKie, Hammond, Crafton, Nixon and Middleton.  These families intermarried and did business together."

Son George Greene Tankersley G.T. Ware b 1/8/1794 Edgefield SC. d 4/23/1862 Stanton TN. Married Jane E. Middleton b. 1805 Edgefield SC. d 1875 Stanton TN.

George G. Ware came from the Wares of South Carolina
More detailed history.

Hattie Reeves and Eugene Calhoun Crafton
Joe Reeves Crafton, Sr.
Crafton Tennessee history

George G. Ware b February 8, 1794 d September 23, 1862. Married Jane Middleton February 6, 1825. Moved from Edgefield South Carolina to Haywood County TN now Stanton in 1834.  

Joseph David Crafton b “The Fork” Edgefield County South Carolina. Married June 5, 1862 to Carrie Middleton Ware.  .Served Company A Cavalry Battalian Hampton's Legion Edgefield Hussars

South Carlolina Confederate Service America. Discharged in the Spring of 1865.  Moved to Stanton soon after the war.  Set up a business as a Pharmacist and Drug Store owner, Planter and Headmaster of the Stanton School.  Died December 26, 1886 from a stroke thought to be caused from exhaustion from fighting store fires the night that Stanton burned.   His wife Carrie was expecting a child.  The only one of her eight children to reach adulthood.  She died March 23, 1920.

Eugene Calhoun Crafton b. August 4 1877  d. October 27, 1959 Lifelong resident of Stanton TN.  First marriage; January 3, 1906. to Leila Aileen Coppedge b. 10/06/1883 d. 11/3/1906 Daughter of John Fletcher Coppedge and Leila Martin of Stanton TN.  Leila Aileen died of complications ten days after giving birth to her only child Leila Averil.

Leila Averil Crafton b. October 24 1906. d. May 26, 1991.  Married Edmond Wilder Taylor July 25, 1901 and lived in "New Hope" ancestrial home of Richard Taylor built in 1829 in the community of Tabernacle near Brownsville, TN.

Second marriage; June 19, 1916 to Hattie Lou Reeves b. 2/2/1885 d. 2/19/1959 Daughter of William Reeves and Lou Douglas Reeves of Sommerville, TN

Eugene Calhoun Crafton, Jr. January 1, 1921 – January 23, 1980

Joe Reeves Crafton Sr. b. September 17, 1925 d. June 5, 2003. Married Pattie Marie Thornton 12/30/1959.   

Joe was babtized on April 3, 1927 by Rev. W. Douglas Mathis at Stanton Presbyterian Church. He completed the Elementary course of study at Stanton School April 19, 1940. He graduated from Brownsville High School May 11 1944 and attended The Willam R. Moore School, Memphis TN about ten months. Entered the Army August 27 1945 at Ft. McPhereson, Atlanta Ga. Infantry rifle training at Camp Blanding FL. In January 1946 went overseas to European Theater of Operations and served 11 months in Berlin, Germany. Was chief switchboard operator in Headquarters regiment rating Technician Fifth Grade. While in Europe traveled Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy. Was discharged from active duty December 27, 1946 at Fort Dix, NY. Joe entered University of Tennessee Junior College, Martin, TN. January 1, 1947 and finished there June 1, 1948. He entered the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in September 1948 and graduated March 17, 1951 receiving a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. April 1951 started work for Humko Manufacturing Company in Memphis TN as a Mechanical Engineer. Project Engineer 1956-57 Champaign IL. 1962-64 Engineering Project Manager responsible for building the Buena Park CA plant. 1966- 1986 Plant Manager Memphis plant.  Largest vegetable oil refinery in the world. AC Humko was later aquired by Kraft Food Ingredients.  Joe as appointed Kraft Food Ingredients affirmative action task force Chairman 1979 and 1986.

Children:   Nicholas Thornton Crafton b May 24, 1960
Joe Reeves Crafton, Jr.  b. May 18, 1962
Eugene Middleton Crafton b. March 21, 1965
Hugh Crafton b. October 1966


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